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Fast and Powerful WordPress Hosting Services

There are many promising features which must not be overlooked while choosing a WordPress hosting service for your business. The primary selection criteria should be the speed of the WordPress hosting service as a fast WordPress hosting can help your business to reach substantial growth levels.

The Port Web Design is a well-known name who specializeS in providing the fastest and the most efficient WordPress hosting services in Maine and NH as well as other parts of the country. Our team of web developers possesses a high level of expertise in the field of web hosting and they never cease to deliver the necessary results in the stipulated time frame.

A fast WordPress hosting service is an essential requirement for every type of business to grow and reach the pinnacle of success. A fast and powerful web hosting service ensure optimal growth of the already established business firms and for the ones who have just started their business, it can do wonders to help you make a mark in the existing market.

Why is Speed of the WordPress Hosting Service so Important

A fast and powerful WordPress hosting service will help you organize and develop your content in the easiest and the most efficient manner. When you use a cheap, low quality web host, the page loads slowly for the viewers and it also slows down your ability to manage your website efficiently from your WordPress admin interface.

Your visitors will feel more comfortable when you use a fast web hosting service as they would be able to interact better. When a website starts loading slowly or fails to load altogether, the visitors would go away and the traffic on your site will reduce drastically.

To cut this chase, collaborate with fast WordPress hosting services offered by The Port Web Design.

Types of Web Hosting Services Typically there are two types of WordPress hosting
  • Shared WordPress hosting service Through this service, your site’s server will be shared with other sites. Even though your site’s server performance will be optimal for WordPress, it is just that you would not have it entirely dedicated to you.
  • Managed WordPress hosting on dedicated server A Managed WordPress hosting service will let you reap all the benefits of a shared WordPress hosting service and more. This service may be slightly expensive but it is massively effective in catering to your promotional needs.
Why is a Managed WordPress Hosting the Best Choice?
  • Speed is faster as the hardware specs are way better.
  • This would give WordPress hosts better caching with absolutely no work from your end.
  • Firewalls specific to WordPress.
  • Regular scans for Malware detection.
  • Detection of any kind of intrusion.
  • Staging sites which enable the testing of your site before you go live..

With speed being the main criteria, the other features which you must look for in a WordPress hosting service include price, specialty, add-on features, and reputation, hardware, and customer support services.

Looking for the right WordPress hosting service for your business enterprise might be a little tricky as every host is different in a variety of ways. You must definitely weigh in all the factors and features offered by the various services to get the aptest and best service provider for your business.

WordPress website training and computer help:
  • Personal remote WordPress training or group – staff – manager training.
  • Real estate or rentals sites backend training – E-Commerce training
  • We help you manage and promote your business online
  • We help you set up your Google Webmaster account
  • Email(s) setup – FREE emails when you host with us!
  • Malware detection, cleaning and much more…
  • FREE website analysis for new potential clients
  • Quick content updates, change images or update products
  • Emergency fix: if your site has urgent problems we will fix it remotely

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