Is Your Website Boring?

Websites that are boring and don’t grab their visitors’ attention ..

Websites that are boring and don’t engage or grab their visitors’ attention can expect the loss of new leads and potential sales. Focus on topics which relate to your website service or business. Content needs to be interesting and fresh. boring websiteIt’s your website and the topics are limitless as well as your visitors curiosity. What you need is a website that has content visitors will eagerly want to return to. Give them a reason to want to stay and check out your website. As your visitors and customers continue to return, don’t be surprised when they contact you for help, feedback and information.

Reasons Your Website May be Considered Boring:

A lack of images: your graphics are downright boring
Lack of images can give the impression that your website is outdated. When adding images and videos, make sure the size and quality are suitable. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” which applies even more so today! Images are not only visually interesting but also help to break up chunks of text keeping a web page from seeming too outdated.

Creating smaller paragraphs and adding relevant images ensure your visitors will not become bored. It can’t be stressed enough that high quality visual content such as media, photographs and quality content will persuade your visitors to stay longer and return.

High bounce rates:
Bounce rate is an Internet merchandising term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter a site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing on to view other pages within the website. If your visitors are bouncing away as fast as they can, it’s a good indication they are not interested in what they see. High bounce rates usually mean the people visiting your site are finding it boring. Lack of engagement with your visitors and uninteresting content will result in a low conversion rate.

Lack of personal interaction
Lack of interaction with your visitors and customers only says one thing… you just don’t care! That would be an attitude I would want to avoid! Ways to increase visitor and customer participation include:

  • Create engaging content;
  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • If you have a blog, allow comments and have fun interacting with your visitors
  • Help increase word-of-mouth with social share buttons

Encouraging your visitors to participation though social media, email or through a phone call will help to keep people coming back for more.

Think of your website as a window to the world with unlimited and untapped potential. You can make changes and decisions at will to ensure your website remains interesting and fresh.

However, not all business owners have chunk time to spend maintaining their website current and interesting. If you find your time is limited and feel a bit overwhelmed in keeping your website from becoming boring, let The Web Port Design help:

  • We can improve personal interaction with your visitors;
  • Lower your bounce rate
  • Boring content: update your content regularly
  • Ensure your website is responsive and mobile friendly.

We have discussed some of the major factors which contribute to why people may find a website boring and leave before they’ve really visited it. I hope that you can make use from information provided in this article.

Contact The Port Web Design today!

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