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Mistakes in Hiring a Web Design Company

When you decide to go digital what is the first thing that strikes your mind?
It is, of course, getting a website developed. If you are not a tech savvy person and you do not want to deliver your audience a DIY kind of website, you plan to hire a professional web design company. Well, it is indeed the best decision for your business.

Before you tread into this territory remember it is not a cake walk. Be ready to stand out among 1.8 billion websites. All in all a website can make or break your business. If it is so vital then can you afford to make a mistake while hiring a web design company? The answer is “No”.

What are the mistakes you must avoid while hiring a web design company?

Have no idea what you want
As a business owner, you must know the functionalities, features, and impression you want to create using the website as a tool. Unless you know all this, the company you hire will not be able to bring out the best for it. A website is the integration of your values, mission, and vision over a technical platform. You must have a strategy in place as to how you wish to grab the attention of your website visitors.

Not knowing the team
You must always know who is working on your project. Sharing a relationship with the designer and developer gives you a better grip over the project. At times the designer and developer is the same person so it becomes important you know his work of art and technology. If the hiring company asks you to hire a developer from a different organization, it is a complete No as you will be churned between the two.

What does their website reflect?
If a website developer builds his own website, he will give his 100% to it. Missing to check out his website is a grave mistake you could be doing. Never trust a designer or developer who does not have his own website in good shape.

Not checking the reviews and references
It is your right to ask about the last works they did and you can feel free to run to the last clients and take a feedback or a reference. Have a look at the last website they designed and be the better judge.

Not asking the process and Cost of Maintenance and upgrade
Website maintenance is an ongoing job. You cannot just sit back and relax, you need to make sure the SEO requirements are met, content updates, bugs are fixed and more. The company you hire must ensure they offer all these services in a bundled package. Not having discussed these things upfront may land you into a soup.

Hiring someone who does not provide a responsive website
A responsive website is not a choice, it is a must to have featured on a website. Make it clear at the time of hiring only that the web designer gives you a responsive website. Around 52% of your consumers are using a smartphone and your website must meet the desired standards of fluidity over multiple screen sizes.

Who will handle the testing?
If you are hiring a professional web designer, his services must include the testing job. But before you entrust your online reputation to him and his skills, it is a must to take an idea about how extensively is he going to test the website.

To wrap
Hiring a web designer is a herculean task and you must have ample knowledge of the ecosystem before you hire one. This article offers you all the aspects you must know before you sign the agreement.

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