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Psychology of Colors in Web Design

Your website colors can improve conversions

Each company has specific goals. Colors should be chosen to match those goals on your website. Colors will also define perception about your brand. Colors can create a very specific reaction when a visitor/potential buyer lands on your website. Your website’s colors need to send the right message about your company and your brand. They are the first thing that will visually impact your visitors’ behavior.

Color matching:
Color matching is also important for websites. As web designers we need to be able to choose the right color combinations for websites. This includes every visual element of your layout: colors of fonts, buttons, headers, backgrounds, titles, links, borders, etc. Color even plays a role in your branding.

Choose colors that have the right contrast. If there isn’t enough contrast it will be hard to read the text and your visitors will react immediately by leaving your site. If you use the wrong contrast, your visitors and potential buyers will leave because it just doesn’t look right. Contrast used correctly should be used with call-to-action buttons, links, icons, etc.

The wrong impression
If a site’s color gives the wrong impression, the bounce rates will be high because it will suggest inexperience and not trustworthy. If the impression is the right one, visitors will feel  that the site is trustworthy.


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