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CMS Content Management System

What Belongs On A Website Homepage

The homepage of a website is the most important page within your site. It needs to be easy to navigate, informative, able to successfully engage visitors while directing ..

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boring-website, Redesign your WordPress website
Maine Web Designers

Is Your Website Boring?

Websites that are boring and don’t engage or grab their visitors’ attention can expect the loss of new leads and potential sales. Focus on topics which relate to your website service or business.

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Psychology of colors in web design
Colors in Web Design

Psychology of Colors in Web Design

Your website colors can improve conversions. Each company has specific goals. Colors should be chosen to match those goals on your website. Colors will also define perception about your brand ..

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WordPress multisite

When to Use a WordPress Multisite

When to use WordPress Multisite and When you should not. A WordPress multisite installation allows you to manage your sites from a single dashboard. You install WordPress only once …

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