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Help Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked

Websites are no longer safe from being hacked or immune to cyber-attacks. Website hacked

Unprotected or not properly maintained websites provide a breeding ground for hackers. There is no 100% guarantee or solution to ensure a website is completely safe from outside attackers.

There are steps one can take to help reduce the threat

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Is Your Website Boring?

Websites that are boring and don’t engage or grab their visitors’ attention can expect the loss of new leads and boring websitepotential sales. Focus on topics which relate to your website service or business.

Content needs to be interesting and fresh. boring website. It’s your website and the topics are limitless as well as your visitors curiosity. What you need is a website that has content visitors will eagerly want to return to. Give them a reason to stay

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SEO: How to Improve your Website’s Search Engine Results

Keyword Research – Keyword analysis. SEO search engine optimizationImprove your Google’s search engine rankings: SEO
* Search Engine Optimization
* Identify a targeted list of key­words and phrases.
* Research your competition
* Create a list of keyphrases
* Use your list to determine how many websites are competing for each key­word.

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Psychology of Colors in Web Design

Your website colors can improve conversionsPsychology of colors in web design. Each company has specific goals. Colors should be chosen to match those goals on your website. Colors will also define perception about your brand. Colors can create a very specific reaction when a visitor/potential buyer lands on your website.

Your website’s colors need to send the right message about your company and your brand. They are the first thing that will visually ..

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Who Cares About Mobile Friendly?

Who Cares About Mobile Friendly?
Responsive, Mobile Friendly web design
mobile-ready website design Maine. It seems like everything is going mobile friendly nowadays, but as a business it might be difficult to drop the money to ensure that your site is mobile friendly if you don’t know the value behind it. So, who actually cares about mobile friendly?
Google does, your customers do, and you do. Have you ever gone to a site on your phone that was nearly impossible to navigate and that wouldn’t load?

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Real Estate Web Design for Agents, Brokers, Rentals

The Port Web Design, Maine offers mobile-friendly real estate website design for realtors, agents, brokers and rental agencies.
Fully responsive and mobile friendly with MLS/IDX IntegrationReal Estate Web Design Maine Our Real Estate mobile friendly website designs are ready for you to post your own listings, , add or remove images, description or features and manage your own website easily

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DIY (Do it Yourself website builder) vs Professional Web Designer

do-it-yourself website versus professional web designer
“You get what you pay for” is a fact. When comparing Do It Yourself (DIY) web builders to a professional customized website, DIY builders do not provide effective support, uniqueness ..
DIY site builders customization options are very limited and do not help build your Google rankings. WordPress offers unlimited design options. With WordPress, you have unlimited design options.

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The Port Web Design, Maine’s Premier Website Developer

We at The Port Web Design have been proudly designing and developing websites since 2002.
We specialize in developing WordPress, real estate and e-commerce websites to best fit your company needs. Whether your company serves a local or national audience we will make sure your website is mobile friendly with a modern design and user friendly enough to boost your business online. We strive to keep in constant contact with our clients and have package to fit any budget.

Give us a call for a free quote: (207) 967-4691

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Benefits of Using WordPress to Manage Your Content

Trying to choose a content management system (CMS) for your website? Find out why WordPress is recommended.
Benefits of using WordPress to manage your website
Benefits of WordPress

Easy to use: It’s such an easy CMS to use that you can make changes yourself! No more waiting on developers.
SEO-friendly CMS: WordPress has an SEO-friendly design, making it easier for search engine robots to index the website.

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Remote Assistance, WordPress Remote Training, Support

Remote Assistance | Online Meetings for WordPress Training and Support

WordPress website training and computer help:

  • Personal remote WordPress training or group – staff – manager training.
  • Real estate or rentals sites backend training - E-Commerce training
  • We help you manage and promote your business online
  • We help you set up your Google Webmaster account
  • Email(s) setup - FREE emails when you host with us!
  • Malware detection, cleaning and much more...



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