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Starting WordPress Web Development

WordPress is a great platform for all the go-to website developers. It is an open source Content Management Service, which makes it easy for all the people looking for a fast and easy customizable solutions. WordPress offers a lot of customizations which allow you to customize the WordPress framework according to your needs, and ease your website workflow.

Let us have a look at a couple of things which are necessary before starting the WordPress Web Development.

HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL up for Rescue

These are the core languages which ends up making WordPress what it is. These languages have always helped the users to proceed in Web Development, and it is the same case here, if you are having proper command on the language then you can easily move ahead with the development of a WordPress website.

You don’t need to be a PHP Expert

You can actually become a WordPress developer without actual knowledge of working on the PHP Platform. With the basic knowledge of internet and a bit about HTML and CSS, one can easily start the customization of a WordPress website and create new templates and even customize the different plugins installed on the website. Still, you will need a basic knowledge of PHP to understand how things work.

Plugins and Themes

Plugins and Themes are the major prerequisites before actually starting up with the development of a WordPress website. Themes play a vital role in customizing the website, and even a single theme can help you create 100 of different looks. Plugins will help you to get different functionalities integrated on to the website, this will surely keep you on track with the latest development in the industry as you can upgrade the Plugins while using the same Theme for years: this will keep a consistent look for the visitors, with none of the functionality or security being compromised.

WordPress Core Functionality

Customizing the looks of a WordPress website, and get it running is a child’s play, but if you are looking to get into the development then you must know more and more about the different core functionalities of the website, and how it actually works. WordPress Core Functionalities will help you alter the functionalities of the Plugins and moreover add new features to the WordPress Core area.

Theme and Plugins can be developed by PHP Developers

Plugins and themes are working just as on a normal PHP based websites. It is quite clear that any PHP Developer without true knowledge of the WordPress platform can begin the development of themes and plugins.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

WordPress Web Development not only include creating new Plugins and Themes, or working on the Core Functionality of the Content Management Service, but also includes maintenance, and troubleshooting. There are plenty of websites using WordPress so if you are a person having proper knowledge of the WordPress Core then it can be a piece of cake for you.

These are some things you need to know before starting WordPress Web Development, those will help you decide clearly and have a better choice option.

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