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Basic Facts About Web Design

On the surface, visitors see web pages and content… the visual appearance of a website.

A lot of behind the scenes work takes place to ensure your website pages are responsive and mobile ready, web browsers display accordingly and much more. Being informed about web design facts can aid with search engine ratings and helpful in drawing more visitors and potential clients to your website. To learn more about web design facts, read on.

As you can see, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Information provided below will help give you ideas and direction as to how to proceed. And remember, you don’t need to struggle through this alone. Whether you are new or to experience with updating and maintaining your website, it never hurts to seek suggestions and guidance from a professional web designer.

Did you know websites are displayed differently in browsers?
Oftentimes, a website will be displayed differently in web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox). The way a website displays depends on how a particular browser translates code and shows it on a screen – also known as parsing and rendering. This is where you may want to seek help from a professional web designer. They are familiar with browser compatibility issues and able to work around it and resolve the problems.

A two-year-old website may be too old
Websites are constantly dealing with ongoing updates, changes in search engine optimization, keeping current with new web design trends, coding and on it goes. Thus the need to make sure your website is refreshed every two years to keep pace with changes in technology is important.

Again, this is where a professional web designer can assist you in keeping your website modern and ensure it is compatible with browsers, search engines and updated with newest technology.

Images and videos
If used accordingly, images and videos can successfully engage and wow visitors. To ensure the images and videos load quickly and do not slow the website down, files need to be optimized for the website. Avoid large images and video files; they can negatively affect load time. Visitors will generally grow impatient with waiting and may leave the website with no desire to return.

A good website design ranges from $1250 – $10,000+
Websites can begin at $1250 basic 2 or 3 page website and run as high as $10,000 or more depending on the software, tools and complexity of customization and functions needed. Before you start pricing websites, it’s important you plan out your goals and what you are looking to accomplish with your website.

  • Do you want to display or sell your products?
  • What is your price range?
  • Are you looking for a professionally customized website to set you apart from your competitors?

It is important when looking for a professional web designer that you visit their website and check their about us page, view their portfolio. Also, browse their website to see what they offer. Still in doubt, talk with them and find out if they are what you are looking for.

Adding personalized features will increase the price. Your needs may include several pages, e-Commerce capability and appointment scheduler (hair stylist, restaurant, hotels). It’s important to consider social media buttons to direct visitors to your Pinterest or Facebook page to increase visitor engagement and sales.

Responsive and mobile web design
A responsive site is flexible and adapts to the size of the screen it’s viewed on. Responsive, mobile friendly websites provide visitors a consistent experience across the wide-range of devices. Responsive, mobile friendly websites adapt to their environment (devices), while maintaining the same impressive images, fonts, and navigational options. Should you require assistance or have questions, don’t’ hesitate to contact a trusted professional web designer

The Wrap-up
Starting or maintaining a website can be fun and perhaps overwhelming at the same time. There are always new trends and updates that require attention on a consistent basis. Whether you are new  to experience with updating and maintaining your website, it never hurts to seek suggestions and guidance from a professional web designer. Second opinions and help to ensure your website is on track; this is where a professional web designer can be helpful.

The Port Web Design has over 19 years of experience and knowledge. We are located in Kennebunkport, Maine and Laconia NH and beyond. Visit our website,  view our portfolio and web design packages we offer. Call us and let us help you create a customized website that will not only meet your specific goals but impress your visitors and potential customers.

Please consider The Port Web Design to help you design, update or maintain your website.
We offer:

WordPress website training and computer help:

  • Personal remote WordPress training or group – staff – manager training.
  • Real estate or rental sites backend training – E-Commerce training
  • We help you manage and promote your business online
  • We help you set up your Google Webmaster account
  • Email(s) setup – FREE emails when you host with us!
  • Malware detection, cleaning and much more…
  • FREE website analysis for new potential clients
  • Quick content updates, change images or update products
  • Emergency fix: if your site has urgent problems we will fix it remotely

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