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Website Updates During Coronavirus Crisis

Hello! Prisca here – The Port Web Design

I hope you are well and safe and keeping a good moral.

In these days of dealing with social distancing, shops closing and staying at home as much as possible, artists and shop owners need another solution to keep in touch with customers or students, keep their business alive and income flowing. Let’s try to turn a negative situation into a positive situation.

Website Updates to Make During the Coronavirus Crisis

It would be a good idea to add interactivity to your website, so you don’t lose contact with your clientele. People have time on their hands now to browse the web.

1) Add an interactive forum to your website, a blog with comments allowed, a membership system, subscribe to your newsletter, a simple contact form, or a live chatbox.

2) The ability for your customers or students to post their work, art, or leave a comment to start a conversation – ask a question about your business. 

3) a simple shopping cart or e-commerce so you can sell your products or services online while your business is closed

4) Create special offers and advertise them on your website

5) Update your customers on changes to your business by adding a pop-up or banner to your site for updates.

If you sell your products online, your customers will interact with you.

This form of interactivity will also help your Google ranking by adding more customer-focused content to your website and creates more leads.

Website interactivity creates trust.

As trust grows, it will increase your conversion rates.

Keep your business running, even during the Coronavirus crisis.

Don’t miss the opportunity to keep your business open online; either you are an artist dealing with canceled classes or a shop owner who had to close the shop. Make sure your customers, students, or clients needing your services can keep in touch with you.

Double-check that your website is running at optimum capacity

Make sure to check that your website is in perfect working condition for:
  • Speed
  • SEO
  • Clean and keyword-relevant content
  • Mobile readiness
  • Up-to-date for all latest WordPress and plugins security patches. Or ask your web developer to do it for you.

If all is good, you will see an increase in traffic to your website. During this coronavirus crisis, e-commerce is expected to grow by 50%, with Digital Commerce also reporting a 52% increase in online sales since the coronavirus began. Many people are avoiding physical stores, and online ordering is the perfect way to make this turbulent time more manageable.

Don’t let your clientele disappear because it is physically closed. Put all your thoughts on your website and keep in touch with your customers. Let them know you are still around to answer their questions, interact with them, or alert them of special offers or news while this social distancing alert is on.

We can add a banner, chatbox, shopping cart/e-commerce, an interactive forum, a membership system, or a simple sign up form to send the latest news or updates. That way, your business can stay alive and keep you busy developing your clientele online to counter the drama of having to close your business.

You can increase your sales, your mailing list to send new offers and broaden your target audience.

Communicate and advertise at the same time.

Your clientele will grow, and when the crisis is gone, you will notice that a negative situation may have created a net positive increase to your business while everybody was anchoring home. Create a new clientele right now that will follow you when the crisis is over.

Please contact me by phone: 207-967-4691 or email. Let’s talk about what we can do to help you go through these hard times.

Thank you so much for your attention. Stay safe 🙂

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