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Websites: Modern-Day Business Cards

Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

A business card is no longer the most effective way to get your name out. However, it’s still a quick way to network and build contacts with customers. Business cards are a great way to promote your business at events, meetings, workshops and conferences; it gets you seen by customers and peers and opens new doors in the market. On the down side, business cards are limited as to the amount of information they are able to provide.

Websites have the potential to reach your target market and beyond. If businesses wish to remain competitive in today’s market, it’s important to expand one’s marketing options. A well designed website will go a long ways in increasing customer awareness of your business. It needs to be interactive with an engaging platform including social interaction, blogs and also allow comments while providing contact information. With proper marketing you will reach an audience to introduce your brand, promote your product through sales while increasing your client base.

Through your website you can display of products, portfolio of your work, newsworthy content, pictures, videos and contests to engage customers.

Reasons why your website is more important than your business card are:

Websites Have Unlimited Reach ̶ Not So With Business Cards
Websites virtually have no limit as to who you can reach including content you wish to include. A website can contain as much information as needed and with the potential to reach your target market and more.

Business cards may limit your customer base but can provide a more personal touch. When promoting your business through distribution of your business card, it requires meeting directly with potential clients and needs to be hand delivered or mailed. Your client base is limited as is the amount of information provided through your business card and the area you are serving.

Space – Business Card vs. Website
Business cards have limited space; choose carefully the information you wish to include in it. Even with limited space, it can contain an attractive logo your business name and relevant contact information (i.e. – address, email, website, phone number, and service). In comparison, a website enables you to have unlimited pages of information as you like with the opportunity to show your creativity and branding. You can offer sales, surveys, coupons and have immediate interaction with your customers and visitors.

Business Card vs. Website Content
As discussed earlier, a business card has minimal space and unable to effectively represent your business. Content and client reach is limited as well. There is nothing much that a business card can provide other than your name, business details and contact information. A website, however, is available 24 hours a day offering immediate interaction through the use of a contact form or can be reached by email. Websites can offer latest news, new products or services, company profile, contact details, FAQ’s and more. The potential is limitless leaving room for creativeness and continued change.

A Website Can Boost Customer Base Through Promotions
Social Networking and online advertising is an ideal way to reach out to customers and offer your services. With proper analytical applications in your website, you can learn who your customers are, pages visited, length of time spent on your website and much more. This information can help your company focus on your target market, customer needs while increasing sales. One great advantage of a website is that you can update instantly keeping your customers informed. Online sales can be added anytime as well as adding new products or services as they become available. This is a great way to entice your customers to return.

In today’s digital world, having a website is a necessity. It is the perfect platform to build credibility with customers while increasing your customer base; something which a business card is unable to do.

Websites allow the ability to offer newsletters that customers can subscribe to. Customers are able to keep up-to-date with your business, your services and/or products. A business card cannot compete or offer this.

In Closing…
A good designed website will allow your brand name to reflect who you are and what you offer while providing specific types of information about your business including:

• Latest News
• Fresh Content
•Contact Information FAQ’s
• FAQ’s
• Blog (Sell | Advertise | Describe Your Brand)
• Social Media Integration

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