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WordPress Website Design, Web Development, Maine & NH

We Specialize in WordPress Web Design and Web Development, Maine and NH

WordPress has been around since 2003 and since then it gained incredible popularity. Over the last couple of years, WordPress has become the most popular choice as a content management system for small and large business, E-commerce, realtor and organization websites.

Why switching to a WordPress platform will be the best solution for your company?

WordPress has become a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that can power just about any WordPress Website Design and Web Development in Maine and NHkind of website.

WordPress keeps up with the rapid technology process. WordPress community develops and release new versions to improve the existing features, security and website quality.

Simple, clear, user-friendly WordPress fast rise to the top of web development software is mostly due to its ease of use. The admin interface, compared to Drupal and Joomla, is far less cluttered and everything just looks clean and straightforward. WordPress is a simple content management system that can be managed by users. Adding new pages, edit content, add or remove products, change images is now a simple process.

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From any computer in the world with Internet access you can log in to your website administration panel and manage your content.

WordPress-based websites are loved by all major search engines. WordPress websites already come with better SEO (search engine optimization) than most HTML templates or other CMS. Add to that an excellent and constantly updated SEO system, good content, and your website can achieve high rankings in Google. The code behind this content management system is very clean, so it’s easily read and indexed by search engines. Each element on the site (image, post or page) can have its own meta tags: keywords, description and title.

Each page or post will be optimized for the search engines on an individual basis. We generate Google XML. By creating a sitemap, each page and post on your site are visible to the search engine spiders so that they can easily view your content and rank it accordingly. The sitemap is not just helpful to get ranking on Google, but for other search engines as well. We make sure all your images are SEO friendly: SEO Friendly Images means that each image on your site has strong keywords in the alt and title tag. When the images in your website have appropriate alt and title tags, then the Google Image Search will help your site to get higher traffic.

We offer custom professional design unique to your business or organization. 
It will provide a comfortable experience for your visitors and potential clients with a dynamic, interactive platform and an easy navigation system.

If you hire a developer to custom code a CMS for you, you would have to pay thousands of dollars only to end up with functions that WordPress can comfortably accomplish for much less money by adding the right plugins. Once your site is designed and developed by a professional WordPress developer and after 1 or 2 hours of training generally included in all web design packages, you are ready to manage your website – update your content – e-commerce or real estate website or even your blog from anywhere in the world.

With plugins, we can extend WordPress features to accomplish about anything your business will need. An e-commerce plugin will integrate a fully-functional e.commerce system/shopping cart into your website. Then you can focus on adding the products and other content. We can build your own social network, forum, real estate website with IDX/MLS, hotel-booking system, project management system, classified ads site, business directory and anything else you could think of. There are thousands of WordPress plugins that you could use to extend the features of your website.


  1. WordPress designers will create a custom professional design unique to your business which will give you a significant advantage over the rest of websites on the Internet;
  2. WordPress design gives your targeted audiences the right impression;
  3. Websites are easy to use and navigate; visitors don’t leave such websites;
  4. WordPress professional designers ensure security to your website so that nobody can hack into your website;
  5. Good search engine optimization is built in a code, structure and content of the site;
  6. The consistency of all elements throughout the site; the entire style of the site is relevant to your business industry and brand.

Your website will adapt to any screen size and resolution so your WordPress website design will have the same look and functionality on any device, laptop desktop…

WordPress maintenance and management services. We will make sure your website, design and plugins are always updated to the latest WordPress and plugins versions and that all elements of your website are running properly after update.

WordPress is a truly amazing platform to build a website with and use it as a content management system. WordPress provides a user-friendly and easily navigable website, a custom professional design unique to your brand and that you can control and manage without professional help.

When you get to know more about WordPress platform you will clearly see why there are millions of websites that are built with WordPress and how it can help get the search engine ranking your business website deserves.