Protect your website from hackers

WordPress care plans, maintenance, system security updates

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should.
Keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date is major.

WordPress security updates will seal off vulnerabilities or potential hacking which could disable or access your website and your administrative interface, increasing load speeds, Protect your website from hackersand reducing your search engine rankings..

WordPress needs to be kept up to date but too often our clients don’t have time to deal with it. Then we get panicked calls about hacked websites or a deadly blank screen! Hackers can search for websites running the older version, and you may become a victim of a sophisticated attack. You need to make sure that all your WordPress plugins and the core itself is always up to date.

Or some plugin update makes a site disappear. Or theme, coding and plugins need to be updated but that simple click breaks something and our client needs immediate help! Let someone else worry about all these technical details while you work on growing your business.

Replacement Cost:
If you lose your website to hackers or if something goes wrong with an update the cost to redesign and re-insert plugins and content would be close to investing in a new site. That is why it is so important to protect your website on a regular basis.


Security is the most important reason why you should keep your WordPress website up to date. Let us free you from worry about your website maintenance, so you can focus on your business. Your site will be regularly updated, scanned, optimized and backed up. Choose one of our monthly maintenance plans, and leave the technical details to us!

  • WordPress Version UpdatesProtect your website from hackers
    Keep your WordPress version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.
  • Design – Code Update
    Update your WordPress theme and solve any possible compatibility issues with the latest WordPress update.
  • Database Cleaning
    Cleaning up your WordPress database to optimize your website’s performance and speed. Reduce load time and decrease your bounce rate
  • Plugin Updates
    Update plugins and website features and solve any possible compatibility issues with the latest WordPress update.
  • Weekly, daily or real time backup depending of your plan
    Backup of all your files and folders, database and all elements of your website: images, products etc.
  • Broken Links Scan
    We’ll perform a monthly scan for broken links on your website and fix them if any.
  • Technical Support & Site Changes
    Have a question about a plugin or a design change? Want to change some content on your site? We can help!
  • Security Scan
    Scan your website for malware – extra security check to protect your site from hackers.

You may be interested in a quick one time fee of $225 when we are warned of important security updates. That fee will cover the most important updates: WordPress version – plugins – theme update and resolve problems that may occur after updates. This one time fee does not cover monitoring – backups or performance Optimization



FREE website analysis: for security checking and to bring your site up-to-date before we suggest a maintenance plan. If you are unsure what plan your site needs, please contact us and we will help you decide according to the size of your website and how often you modify it.

Remote Assistance | Online Meetings for WordPress Training and Support

WordPress website training and computer help:

  • Personal remote WordPress training or group – staff – manager training.
  • Real estate or rentals sites backend training - E-Commerce training
  • We help you manage and promote your business online
  • We help you set up your Google Webmaster account
  • Email(s) setup - FREE emails when you host with us!
  • Malware detection, cleaning and much more...
  • FREE website analysis for new potential clients
  • Quick content updates, change images or update products
  • Emergency fix: if your site has urgent problems we will fix it remotely
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